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"Good vibes" - Ruta

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Dipinto ad olio, acrilico e smalto su tela
Dimensioni cm 40 x 100

Ruta Riekstina was born on 9 August 1987 in Riga (Latvia).
Married, mother of Gaetano Edgars (7 years), lives in Menaggio (Italy).

She has been always a free spirit. She left his parents' home in Jelgava at the age of 17, continuing to study in Riga and working in the meantime in a restaurant to stay in his studies. Even numerous hitch-hiking trips gave the sense of freedom for Ruta. In 2008, still hitchhiking, she arrives in Buccheri to participate in a work-camp for Medfest, during which she meets her next husband. She likes to wake up early in the morning and with her left hand paint what comes from the heart, without a sketch and following instinct. Her favorite color is yellow-light. Because light is what she seeks in life.